Harnessing the powers of diverse talent, practitioners expertise and entrepreneurial mindset



A diverse team of accomplished business enthusiasts and goal-oriented doers with focus on strategy development, initiatives pursuit and program delivery to champion our clients to achieve the extraordinary.


Established in 1996, INOVEX has evolved since from the professional capacities of its founders, team members and partners with their comparative advantages gained from multifold engagements.

Today, INOVEX works with start-ups and multinational companies of all sizes to solve their toughest challenges and realize their greatest ambitions.

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  • A multidisciplinary team with international spirit and mindset are at the core of INOVEX

  • Driven by innovation and committed to excellence to synergize business opportunities into tangible outcomes

  • INOVEX people are intellectually curios, always driven to improve and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity

  • A unique blend of motivated talents and broad qualifications composed to conquer challenges and unlock ambitions

  • Motivated by the ultimate goal to deliver best-in-class performance for our clients and effect the Alpha.Solution

  • Leveraging experience and subject matter expertise to realize exceptional delivery achievements

Over 25 years of identifying and unfolding opportunities


The birth of an ambition

In 1996, Fritz Schaerer and Heinz Schiesser, two truly visionary and ambitious minds, envisioned a business opportunitites development concept, built on innovation and commitment.

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Fritz Schaerer

Heinz Schiesser


Our values and corporate culture have been built over decades and have grown to become our foundation in our actions. They subconsciously influence the way we do business, think about the world, and engage with challenges and ambitions.



Wir wollen unseren Kunden ermöglichen Ihre Ambitionen und Ziele zu erreichen, indem wir als gewinnbringender Partner gemeinschaftlich, reaktionsschnell und fokussiert Werte schaffen.


Wir sind ethischen Fragen gegenüber kompromisslos, schaffen Vertrauen durch Transparenz, Ehrlichkeit und klare Kommunikation und übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Entscheidungen.


Wir kombinieren ambitioniertes Denken mit praktischen Erfahrungen, sind fokussiert Aufgaben zu erledigen und realisieren Entscheide durch konkrete Taten und zählbare Ergebnisse.

Bestes Team

Wir sind ein talentiertes, ehrgeiziges und motiviertes Team, mit dem permanenten Ziel erfolgreich zu sein. Dazu schaffen wir ein motivierendes, inspirierendes und gemeinschaftliches Umfeld als Quelle zum Erfolg.


Wir akzeptieren keine Kompromisse in Bezug auf Respekt und Anerkennung von Individualität, unterschiedlichen Ansichten, Expertisen, Erfahrungen und Hintergründen. Wir wollen ein gemeinschaftliches sowie einladendes Umfeld für alle sein.

One Global Network

Leveraging the power of years of experience in international business gives us global insights, an international presence, and relationships that we want to share with you.


Value Creation

Enabling our clients to achieve their goals and objectives and to build beneficial partnerships in collaborating closely, by being responsive and always focused on delivering value.


Being ethically unyielding, building trust by being transparent, honest, and communicating opinions clearly and taking responsibility for our actions.


Combining bold thinking with a practical approach, focused on getting the job done, turning decisions into actions and actions into outcomes to meet your goals.

Best Team

We are a talented, eager, and motivated team that goes ahead with a “winners” attitude, and fosters an encouraging, supportive, and collaborative environment as our source to success.


No compromises in respecting and valuing the individual, diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background. We want to achieve a supportive and welcoming environment to everyone.

One Global Network

Leveraging the power of years of experience in international business gives us global insights, an international presence, and relationships that we want to share with you.