Electronic Blanks/

E-blanks is a patented, highly effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly training system that realistically simulates the firing of ammunition with recoil, sound and muzzle flash.


Environmentally Friendly

„Green Product“ with no post-training clean-up or disposal required

Realistic Training

No additional equipment or safety constraints

Minimal Running Costs

One time investment, very low in-service running costs, typical breakeven after first year

Unlimited Use

A magazine has a lifespan of an estimated 150,000 rounds

Time Saving

No filling up magazines and collecting empty shell cases

HSE Friendly

No pyrotechnics, combustible materials or harmful objects are needed

No Weapon Wear

Minimal cleaning effort and no wear & tear compared to blank and live firing

Reduced Logistics

Minimal logistic support needed with no safety constraints regarding transport and storage.